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Company Profile

the Bali Style – a tropical haven, evoking the senses through feel, ambience & artistry. the very name conjures up images of gracious living, timeless craft, serenity and sublime hospitality.

Déco Bali - for more than a decade, has been bringing the best of Bali & Indonesia to the hospitality industry the world over, through their exceptional & unique products whilst offering competitive pricing.

Established in 1999, Déco Bali, a home-grown company initially operated as a sourcing agent and over the years has evolved to become a leading one stop hospitality company providing a wide range of services from producing custom designed furniture to creating aesthetic art works.

Déco Bali serves from luxury villas to iconic hotel chains by

  • assisting interior designers in creating unique & contemporary designs from many variety of natural materials
  • participated in refurbishment of hotels, apartments & resort projects
  • creating concept indoor & outdoor furniture
  • furnishing spa furniture & accessories
  • delivering amenities & operating equipments for hotel F&B, HK & PAreas
  • creating art & crafts works incl. providing thematic adornments
  • supplying project & construction supplies from Indonesia
  • sourcing exclusive products for boutique & retail operators 

concept - developing amenities and décor items for hotels and resorts. Custom designing and offering all support services clients need to have, creating a concept for product lines for room amenities, are a forte of Déco Bali.

quality standard & reliability - Déco Bali products are tested independently under our strict supervision with stringent quality controls to ensure high standards of workmanship and finishes.

products - clients can select from an array of room, dining or spa collection. Déco Bali has the ability to provide customize solutions.

amenities - from table top accessories to room amenities and decorations, we design solutions that projects and create the iconic feel and ambience.

spa - Déco Bali understands the true meaning of a Balinese spa and we strive to deliver on its promise: we provide exceptional products from furniture to accessories - a distinct solution for every individual requirement.

furniture - indoor, outdoor, garden, decorative or out of the ordinary, Déco Bali can produces exclusive designs or replicate complex designs according to client’s request. Our forte is creating exceptional quality in wood work designs from teakwood & bengkirai wood.

arts works - when form and function transcends the ordinary to become works of art, be it paintings of Bali’s resplendent temples or lush tropical paradise, a crafted door fit for the palace or even a charming table lamp - we act as connoisseurs of the craft, seeking only the best and most unique.

boutique accessories & gifts - Déco Bali delivers innovative products with a traditional twist - memorable and even practical delivered in a creative package with your corporate identity.

the Déco Bali promise - is not just an assurance on creating distinctive design with quality & style, but also meeting the client’s aesthetics & theme with the efficient to your doorstep delivery.

at Déco Bali - our passion is not only to create and design but also our commitment to excellence from execution to delivery so that your creations could come to life.

Our Project Team

Déco Bali creative style evokes your senses through feel, ambience & artistry. Our special projects division is fast building a reputation as a key design and specialty supply partner to architects, interior designers and project development company seeking Balinese-inspired or contemporary design works. We recognize deadlines; project cost management; quality control whilst ensuring our clients the best price value.

Déco Bali have created unique and custom made designs for hotels & resort projects which ranges from furniture’s, lightings, art works, amenities, spa furniture & accessories.We also undertake in providing sourcing service for various construction project supplies from Indonesia such as stones, pebbles, roofing materials, teak wood timber & flooring, bamboo fence, marble, river stone & terrazzo materials.

Déco Bali creations ranges from material such as teakwood copper, brass, recycled glass, ceramic, shell, resin, river stone, lava stone, wood carving, rattan & bamboo works including resin terrazzo products such as bathtub & washtafels.

Our skilled design team is capable of communicating prompt & efficiently with your project office whilst capable of providing detailed shop drawing and 3-D design rendering prior to production.

Our Factory

modern furniture factory comprising a production area 13,500 m2 & land size 22,500 m2 and posses a full in-house production capability utilizing basic equipments to precision machineries including latest woodworking technology.

with the kiln dry facility we could ensure quality & stability of wood materials plus providing a wide variety of finishing capability/competency such as minimalist, american, distress, antique and many more.

our production capacity could be maximized up to 15 units of 40’container per month.

Team Déco Bali, welcomes you!
for further info please visit www.deco-bali.com