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Our bakery establishment produce an assortment of popular and special local snacks which are presented in novelty gift boxes. Our snack collection are presented is creatively designed boxes which are available in deluxe or premium packaging. Our creation comes in distinctive flavours and deliciousness that will bring about that unique experience which sets us apart from others. Our product includes an extensive range of bakery items including Indonesian/Bali snacks such as pia, mandarin cake and lapis legit.

In our quest for quality and excellence, our dedicated team prepares daily using mostly premium ingredients to present high quality items and are committed in creating that special taste and aroma distinction for each individual item. And our products are not only fresh but also made to order!

We are neither a retail outlet nor a cafe; our bakery kitchen operation caters to wholesale and custom made orders for all occasions. We even propose packaging concept and do create carry away bags for our clients. We also provide delivery service depending on your order qty and location. Our service team constantly strives to deliver attentive and courteous service with prompt delivery as well.

So when in Bali do not miss the opportunity to either indulge yourself in our superior quality bakery items or present our uniquely created local delicacy as a special gift.

List of our services

  • supply novelty snacks in deluxe, premium and custom made packaging to various establishment such as duty free outlets, Bali international & domestic airport, oleh oleh centres, retail outlets, popular restaurants and mall kiosk.
  • cater for travel tours and for wholesale orders.
  • supply bread, cakes, croissants, brownies to hotels and restaurants
  • supply bakery and pastry items for private and business events.
  • create custom made novelty snacks for company/hotel events and giveaways for business associates.
  • create custom made bakery items and packaging for festive seasons

Pia Cookies ~ Savoury & Crispy

Pia is a traditional cookie which is crispy, savoury and is created in a variety of flavours. Our pia’s unique crispness that makes foodies wants to try and try again. They are delicious and the inside filling do not crumble easily in your hands because our pia are hygienically and naturally dried without preservatives through the standard process that has is uniquely created.

Our pia comes in a variety of flavours, among other CHEESE, CHOCOLATE and MUNG BEANS. When visiting Bali do not forget to buy this Balinese gift which is tasty and delicious. Pia has become one of the famous gift products and is very suitable to be served as a well accepted delicacy at family gatherings or for that someone special.

Cheese ~ delicious & smooth  
Mung Beans ~ crunchy
Peanut Butter ~ rich & creamy
Peanut Caramel ~ delightfully sweet
Chicken Floss ~ savoury

Lapis Legit ~ 1000 layers of deliciousness 

Layered cake has often considered as part of 'Indonesia culinary cultural heritage' because this cake has become an integral part of Indonesia’s tradition. This unique cake is ideally served to that special person; during festive occasions such as Idul Fitri & Christmas; presented as a special gift for business events and business acquaintance. Our layered cakes are homemade with soft texture and created without preservatives. We use premium quality BUTTER and our cakes are 'Fresh From The Oven' because we only produce based on orders.


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Mandarin Cake
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Customized Packaging
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What People Say

Saya terkesan bukan hanya kwalitas produk Sekar Mas Bali yang inovatif. Dibelakang itu semua tertata fasilitas produksi yang mumpuni dan manusiawi. Semoga sukses selalu.

Bpk. William Wongso

Culinary Expert Indonesia